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We at Dark Horse Solutions believe that if you have a business, you should have a website.
This site is presently missing the most important element: content! A major redegign is underway.

Please visit this site for updated information.


Choosing the "right" designer for you is key.

You must choose someone that gives you the biggest bang for your buck.
You should like their design style.
Their clients' sites should look professional, be easy to navigate,
and convey a concise message for visitors.

Shop Local.

Many people are comfortable hiring a designer out of their area, relying solely on electronic communication. To feel comfortable about working with someone often takes face-to-face contact. If you are not in the Portland Metro/Willamette Valley area, the next best thing is a phone call.

Search engines determine the "findability" of your site.

Html sites that are CSS driven and built to be SEO friendly, with an emphasis on organic search results, are easier for search engines to crawl and index. The "findability" of your business combines both online and offline efforts.

I will work with you.

My background is in design, not computer coding, so I spend time making sure my clients can understand, in plain english, what we are doing throughout the process. I look for pitfalls and make recommendations along the way. It is a bonus if you can come away with an enhanced understanding of the Web. I look for ways to not only implement your ideas and goals but also enhance them.

Long-Term relationships.

Because of my graphic design and print advertising background, I love photography, type, color and presenting a clear message. Why are you unique in your field? Do your marketing efforts compliment each other? I can design a new mark for your company, can do website maintenance, and consult on future marketing ideas. Kicking things back and forth are at no charge!


Do you need a web site?
How much does a website cost?
Would you be interested in a Free basic web analysis on your present site?

Contact me for a Web Development Work sheet and costs: patty.darkhorsesolutions@gmail.com


Dark Horse: a symbol of something ordinary that comes out a winner.
Solutions: the process of solving a problem.